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Tag: NaGloPoWriMo

Happy Poetry Writing -and- Poetry Generation Month 2024!

Alrighty then – how do I do this?

April is not only National/Global Poetry Writing Month (Na/GloPoWriMo), but also National Poetry Generation Month (NaPoGenMo).

For those unfamiliar with either, the latter is a challenge to spend the month of April writing code that generates a poem. One has to share at least one poem and also the source code at the end.

The former is a challenge to write a poem every day for the month of April.

Now one might expect me to ask myself, “Which one should I participate in?”

Answer: Why make this an either/or thing?

Luckily, I have ideas on how to do both without cheating at either.

And to be honest, I need to do both. I’ve been reading, writing, and speaking about poetry and the use of AI for at about a year now, and I’ve been experimenting with ways to express myself using it and other tools in the broader world of computer poetry. I have just begun to start putting thought to code, and demonstrate what can be done.

This exploration has provided new insights into my own style and workflow, which I shall display along with the generated works to compare and contrast. Each poem will have an indicator of whether I created it or used my code to create it.

I aim to get weird, folks. Hope you enjoy. Comments closed