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Author: bryantohara

A Real Poet Writing a Poem with AI

This is a somewhat real-time deep dive into one of the ways I use generative AI (in this case ChatGPT4) to develop a poem, along with my views on doing so.

Apologies in advance for the clickbait-y title.

After searching YouTube for videos on the topic, I wound up being more than a little disappointed. All I found were either rants about “AI will ruin poetry” or demos of “look at how cool this is with only a prompt or two”.

I can do better than that, even with an admittedly less than perfect presentation.????

Be warned, this is a long one, folks, so buckle up.

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NaPoGenMo 2024: Final Notes

So…very late, but I got something out there. I made heavy use of Microsoft Azure components like Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and Storage Accounts. And I got to use a lot of Python.

In the end, I put together something that generates – or attempts to generate – a poem three times a day, based on the weather from a random US city and state. The github repo only contains the python code along with a couple of unfinished sections.

There’s more that I would like to do, like automatically upload to YouTube, but for now I’m going to call this “good enough”.

My wife did offer some possible uses of the code as it stands: I could create generate poems for all the cities in one state and make that an audiobook. Or take one city and create a month’s worth of poems. Might just try that, as that takes little effort.

Anyway, I hope someone finds this interesting/useful:

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