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Enhancing Poetry with Pitch-Following Effects and Sounds

I’ve got a presentation coming up in a month and some change (more on that in another post), and I want to blend spoken word poetry, music, and programming.  Currently I’m thinking of using something called a “pitch follower” as the core program.

In a nutshell, pitch following allows you to track the frequency of an audio signal in real-time.  In ChucK, Dr. Perry Cook put together a nice example that’s part of the basis of what I’ll be using.

Based on what value(s) I look for, I want to have different inflections of my voice trigger a process that could, for instance,

  • Play (or stop) a sequence of notes or a chord progression,
  • Apply effects to the audio input,
  • Trigger another process to generate audio that gets played later or on the fly
  • Control a visual display

These are some of the possible uses running through my head. Hopefully I’ll have a demo file ready some time within the next couple of days.

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